People With Smiles Camp

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Paint Ball
Evening &
Special Activities


Test your skills in this elaborate shooting range.


There's plenty of polish to go around. Enjoy a good spa day? You're in for a treat. Get ready for the big dance by stopping in and picking out your favorite color.

It's just not camp without a bonfire. We'll spend an evening looking at the stars, singing campfire songs and dancing in a congo line.


There's nothing like spending an evening with your friends singing karaoke and dancing. Put on your best digs and meet us on the dance floor. We'll party all night. Just kidding we usually only make it til 8 :)

Arts & Crafts

There's always something creative going on in the Craft Barn. Be ready to build, paint, never know what they'll throw at you.

Petting Zoo

Love animals? We've got reptiles, amphibians and mammals for you to meet.


Campers will stay in a 16 person bunkhouse equipped with AC/Heat and bathrooms. Counselors will stay with campers day and night assisting them with any needs they have.

(Due to Covid we'll actually be spreading out a little this year, cabins fit 16, but we'll probably be keeping the numbers at 8 or less per cabin)